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According to the Foreign Office, "Paraguay is and was an emigrant destination for Germans. The image of Germany in Paraguay is particularly positive today, " which is primarily attributed to the Mennonites, originally from Friesland, who have been plowing the Gran Chaco in the west since 1927.

In Paraguay there are also about 17 different Indian tribes . Many, such as the Makas, were resettled and now live on reservations . They could no longer maintain their old way of life and often earn their living as workers for "the whites". Unfortunately, they have almost forgotten their old roots , have an unhealthy diet and as a result suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes II and bile problems.

It's time to give something back!

Source: Getty Images/imageBROKER RF 

Ärztin macht Notizen

Health advice


In mid-August 2020 we were given the opportunity to send a delivery of over-the-counter and urgently needed natural remedies worth over € 500 to our friends in Paraguay.

You are now undergoing further training to become a health and nutrition advisor in order to be able to show the indigenous population the way back to a healthy lifestyle .

There is also the option of offering weekly online consultation hours - provided that the internet connection works :-D.

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