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Family sponsorships


Support a Filipino family during these tough times.

Thanks to our on-site staff , we can "introduce" you to various families so that you and your family can choose your new sponsor family at home and determine the amount of support . Ideally, the support should continue during the ongoing lockdown and thus provide some security.

The following packages should illustrate how much you can achieve with your commitment .

Every donation counts!

Schlafendes Baby

Would you like to have personal email contact with your Filipino family ?

Write us an email about this

and we will make contact!

Support a Filipino family during these tough times.

H You elves with one of the following packages to shoulder.

Energy costs approx. € 40 (without internet)

RENT €80

Apartments Icon

An average monthly rent is €80/month

STROM 40,-€


The costs for electricity & fresh water are about 40,-€/month

Baby food, diaper, etc. approx. € 25


Baby ' s Füße

The costs for diapers, clothes, milk etc. are approx 25,-€/month

Groceries for a family approx. € 80

FOOD €200


A family of 4 requires  ca.

 200,-€/month for  basic food

Support against impending homelessness through rent arrears or unexpected bills (hospital / medication)



Help us pay for medicines, hospital bills or rent arrears against threatened homelessness.

Just as the seed of a dandelion can travel long distances with ease, has deep roots and brings innumerable fruit

- this is how your donation should be at DANDELION.

Thank you! Thank you! Maraming salamat!

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without your purchase costing more.

Thank you!  

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