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Prisma zur Hand

about us


DANDELION is a very young

non-profit company (* 2020).

That means we don't work for profit.

We reinvest all profits into social projects.


Most of our employees work

still volunteer with us.


At this point, a big THANK YOU

to everyone and CONGRATULATIONS

to the excellent work

of the last months!


Why can we do what we do?


Our tam consists mostly of


Healthcare workers

( Doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, therapists, nurses and much more)


and employees from the social sector (teachers, coaches) and management / sales .


(Note to me: where do I put the lawyers and filmmakers now?)


What unites us is the desire and commitment to do good where good is needed and to build bridges where there are still trenches today!



We believe that we can embrace who we are,
we can define our future and can change the world.

our mission

Our mission is


  • to arouse greater awareness of the social and health awareness of companies and organizations and

  • to establish the connection between socially responsible companies and (inter) national social and health projects.

Our Mission

our vision

We network companies that are characterized by a high level of social competence with (non-profit) social and health projects at home and abroad.

Upon request, our customers benefit from the Dandelion Coaching & Consultancy concept, which awakens, develops and establishes their economic and personal potential to a high degree.

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