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For a better tomorrow


The DANDELION gUG in Wilster is taking care

for social projects of health care .


Whether with detailed health advice ,

Coaching or accompanying courses

- we help to you set the course for a healthier tomorrow.


On the doorstep and internationally.


For a better - a healthier - tomorrow.


Be there.



A project that wasn't planned like that!

Due to the hard lockdown that has been going on since March 2020 , many people have lost their jobs,

their income and meanwhile lost all hope .


Thanks to family members on site, we can regularly distribute food parcels to starving families for

a little hope with a warm meal

bring to the table of many families.


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relief package lebensmittel nothilfe

--- because a hot meal is sometimes not enough!


After this long period of lockdown , the "official" unemployment rate in the Philippines is currently 45%.


Our on-site employee reports regularly on the associated challenges for affected families .


So we decided on the - temporary - project of family sponsorships.


You too can support a family in need ...


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